I Choose You

I am so in love with my son it is crazy! I was talking with my Mom as I was driving home from bowling with friends the other night; and we were commenting on how fast he is growing, the milestones he was reaching and how he has totally reenergized my life. As the conversation was progressing and we were reflecting and laughing, my Mom said, “You couldn’t imagine your life without him.” I thought and said, “No, I can imagine my life – more sleep, clean house, free time, yes I can imagine it.” I laughed. I then continued, “But, you know what Mom, it is not a reality that I would chose, any day of the week. At all times I chose him.” Yes, my life could be on easy street right now, but I don’t want it, I am so in love with my son, the lack of sleep, messy house and constant cartoon playing is minimal payment for the joy he brings to my soul. He makes me happy. If ever asked, my answer will always and forever be “I choose you, my son!”