Preschooler Water Safety

With temperatures in the 100 degree range, my mind immediately and excitedly races to the idea of hitting the swimming pool. I mean I love to swim and hope that my little guy will to. But, with the desire for him to develop a similar passion does come a fair amount of fear. Recently, a young child lost his life to the dangers of the water. So, to ease my worries I recently enrolled my son in swimming lessons at a local center. With hopeful anticipation I then began scouting out all open swim times in the area. In case you are like me don’t forget the following water safety tips, let’s work together to keep are little’s safe:

  • Always keep your eyes on your kiddo, accidents happen quickly and you want to be able to act fast. For kiddos under the age of 14 drowning is on the most common cause of death list. A child can drown in less than 2 minutes if their head goes under water.
  • Always do a quick foot dip test; this will allow you to asses the water temperature before you dive in. Extreme water temps can shock your body. A slow descent is sometimes best with a little one.
  • If possible swim with a buddy or two; the more hands and eyes on the kiddos the better.
  • Use flotation devices, not only will this give you child a sense of independence and added fun but will free you up to swim a few strokes hands free.
  • Remind the little ones to walk and not run, areas around the pool are very slippery.
  • Keep food to outside the pool, you don’t want to choke or facilitate a messy clean up.

Remember, these are just a few ideas to keep in mind. Your parental intuition is your best guide, don’t second guess it!

Most importantly, have fun with your little and enjoy this fleeting moment with them while you can. I plan to!

As always don’t forget to be the sweet in someone’s day. BSM




Well, it’s me and I’m back.

Like the words state in the tips for writing in response to the Daily Post, it has been 2 years since I have blogged and today I got the itch. So I sat at my computer, logged on (after I forgot my password of course) stared at the blank page and my mind began racing. What do I write? Where do I begin? So many thoughts? Hmmm… then I see the Daily Prompt. Write from the word Mountain. Mountain – really.!? Ok, why not…So here goes!

The last time I blogged my son was a teething 18 month old; now folks my precious baby is 3 years old. (Yes I know, it has been two years people.) Where did the time go and why is going at all? As time as passes with him, each day presents a new adventure to behold. And I love adventure! Now with this adventure comes developmental stages. Things like, potty training and the loved terrible 2’s. But this year we have now entered in to a new phase – The Questioning Stage, and from what I hear if your lucky it never stops. Everything and I do mean everything is followed with a question, as my son tries to figure out and organize his world.

Yesterday, we were at the grocery store and as soon we walk in I see a bin full of books. Being a Mom of a curious three-year old and an educator I immediately go to this bin. Right on top is the absolutely most perfect book, Cars in 3D with glasses and a projector. Wow, I think he will love this as Cars is his favorite movie of all time. I proudly present him with the book, he yells in glee and grabs the book and says, “For me, I want this book Mommy.” I joyously say, “Anything for you”. I quickly whip around the grocery store and gather our items and head home. Before, I can get the groceries put away my child grabs the book and tears into it. Now, you are thinking that’s awesome and in all reality it was, but…then, I was hit with a million plus 2 questions. And the phrase, give me a second, to a three-year is like a foreign language. After throwing items into the cabinets and refrigerator. I turn to my son and the book, I proudly gave him, snuggle up on the sofa, and begin reading. After the first page we see a picture of two cars racing, “What’s that” “A Mountain”, “Mountain, Mountain, what’s that”… As I proceeded to formulate and give a beautiful definition about land formations; I look at my son who is trying to put on the 3D glasses that are too big for his face, balance his side of the book on his lap and looking at me, and I say “A big rock” “A big rock, humph, Mountain” I just smile and think thank you son for reminding me that even in the hustle and bustle of the day sometimes it is best to sit down and keep it simple for in these moments you will find happiness and your reason to smile. “A big rock”. As always remember to be the sweet in someone’s day.



I Choose You

I am so in love with my son it is crazy! I was talking with my Mom as I was driving home from bowling with friends the other night; and we were commenting on how fast he is growing, the milestones he was reaching and how he has totally reenergized my life. As the conversation was progressing and we were reflecting and laughing, my Mom said, “You couldn’t imagine your life without him.” I thought and said, “No, I can imagine my life – more sleep, clean house, free time, yes I can imagine it.” I laughed. I then continued, “But, you know what Mom, it is not a reality that I would chose, any day of the week. At all times I chose him.” Yes, my life could be on easy street right now, but I don’t want it, I am so in love with my son, the lack of sleep, messy house and constant cartoon playing is minimal payment for the joy he brings to my soul. He makes me happy. If ever asked, my answer will always and forever be “I choose you, my son!”

Best Part Of My Day

Friday evening I was gifted with a wonderful opportunity to go to a local concert and check out some great music. Now, it has been a while since I have just gotten dressed up and went out for a night on the town. So, I was shockingly giddy. I went to the local venue feeling like a million bucks had an amazing time as I swayed to music and let my cares melt away. I thought to myself “Wow, I really see that I should get out more often, I felt refreshed. Me time is a good thing.” After the concert, I was on an emotional high and I zoomed to  picked up my son from the sitter and headed home. Once home I prepared myself for bed and was feeling great so I snuggled up to my baby who was fast asleep and in that moment, that moment I was totally happy. It was a feeling that I know I have felt before but in the bustle of the day I have never really labeled it. But as I lay next to my precious son who was so safely tucked in my arms I was happy and that then became the best part of the my evening.  My son is the best part of day! Don’t forget to be the sweet in someone’s day. BSM

Keep Me In The Valley

When I logged on this morning this first thing I saw was the Daily Writing Prompt. Now, I have seen them before, they all seem very interesting but never really spoke to me however today’s was different: Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for fifteen minutes.  It is funny what can send you into a total reflective mode; and, for that I say thank you Daily Prompt.

The last song I remember hearing before getting out of the car this morning is titled “My God Is Awesome”.  Possibly the reason this prompt spoke to me is because this is one of my favorite songs. Nonetheless, the third line of this song (depending on how you look at it) is – Keep Me in the Valley, it then goes on to say Hide Me from the Rain. (Keep Me in the Valley, Hide Me from the Rain).

The past 18 months of my life’s journey have been a roller coaster ride to say the least, it has vacillated between the long slow climb up the first incline of the coaster to the brief pause at the top peak to the instant yet surprising downward plunge of the first hill.

During the starting months of this roller coaster ride of a time, I was working a job that I did not particularly care for, was pregnant, in a relationship and then not in a relationship. It was not until today, this Daily Prompt, that song lyric, that I realized that the Lord is faithful and has been ever so to me. While in the valley’s of these past months He truly has hidden me from the rain. I cannot even imagine (nor do I want to)what or where I would be had the Lord not sheltered me when I thought my life sucked. It is now through thoughtful reflection that I can see that He is using this time to bring me into a closer relationship with Him and to teach me some things about myself.  I am learning the emotion behind Psalms 23. Meaning, that when I feel that valley moment approaching , when I walk “through the valley of the shadow of death” that God is with me, that He comforts me, and that with Him I do not need to fear. I am more than a conqueror!  But, here is the real beauty of being kept in the valley and hidden from the rain: even during my early difficult moments God gave me Joy. In July 2012 I accepted a new position that I absolutely love and most importantly I welcomed my precious love, my son! Both of these things are sweeter because of the preceding disappointments. They give me life! Sure there are times where I think I can not make it or how can I do this or the classic Why ME?. But, through it all, I have learned God is Faithful – He is Good, and if you allow him to hide you from the rain while in the valley moments of life, if you can trust Him he will give you Joy. So what am I trying to say: I am simply saying that I am growing and changing, I am leaning and depending, I am trusting and letting go. And, because of this I know I will continue to experience Joy even while being kept in the Valley.

Don’t forget to be the sweet in someone’s day! BSM


Pause for Sadness

ImageAs a single mother some may think that I feel lonely or long to be in a relationship with the father of my child. But, this is not true at all. In fact, I have more to do, think about, and provide care for than I ever imagined. And, I am elated to not be in a convenient relationship with my child’s father! To say it another way, I do not have a moment to feel lonely. However, to be fair, I do have temporary pauses filled with sadness.

Now these pauses of sadness have nothing to do with my current parenting reality, or that my son is living without an active father; because we have a phenomenal support system, the best to be honest. But rather, these sadness pauses are because of the moments; moments that I am witnessing, participating in and capturing alone.

It’s almost like going to a new restaurant; sitting at a table for one, and then dining on the best meal of your life, going back the next day with a friend, and the restaurant is closed. You can’t capture that moment again, there are no words to describe how fantastic the meal was, how it danced across your pallet and tickled your taste buds and made you smile in bliss and they will never be able to experience it so basically you are alone with that moment, secured in your memory only, never able to share, re-live or enjoy it with another person because you were the only one in the moment. Pause for sadness…

It also feels like, when you tell a fascinating or humorous story to someone and they give you that blank stare look, and you are in tears from excitement and then to make yourself feel better you say, “oh, guess you had to be there, “ or “inside joke”.  The problem here lies in the fact that you were the only one again in the moment and the inside joke is with you.  Pause for sadness…

Or another way to describe the way it feels is like this little girl in this picture seated on the merry-go-round, possibly her most favorite ride in the entire playground. But, her she sits not necessarily defeated but just sad… wanting to enjoy the experience of the adventure, the fun and the laughter of the merry-go-round but there is none, no one there to ride with, no one there to push, no one there to take a picture and capture the moment.  And so she sits, looks and waits. Pause for sadness…

Like this little girl I too sit, look and wait, not lonely or defeated but at times temporarily paused wishing to share the moment.

As always remember to be the sweet in someone’s day! BSM